Eyewear for a Lifetime (Adults)

March 31, 2011

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Vision Centres of Delaware

Adults approaching 40 or later will usually experience presbyopia (the condition when the lens of the eye loses its ability to focus) making it difficult to see objects up close.  These “Lordy, Lordy, look who’s forty” crowd tends to put off the inevitable by wearing cheaters at first which can be a mistake.  Eventually when the need of a correction is required accommodating this change becomes more difficult.  Clients that ease through this change in vision from the beginning are happier with their eyewear and handle the progression more gracefully. 

Wearing eye glasses to correct presbyopia can be handled in many ways and Shademakers Eyewareas add powers increase other visual fields are affected.  Distance, intermediate and near all can be corrected; it’s the design that matters.  Vision Centre Optical is one of the leaders nationally in fitting Hoya’s iD Free Form lenses which provide clear, wide, distortion free vision in all directions.  This is the only double surface free form progressive lens on the market and is a breakthrough in lens design.  The next step in lens design for presbyopia is personalized free form design.  This involves an evaluation of your current eyewear needs, prescription, measurements, life style and other data that aids in the design of your particular lenses; you actually help design your own lenses. 

From Womens Journal, "Eyewear for a Lifetime" 
Part 3 ; to be continued...

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