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Vision Centre of Delaware Features Hoya Lenses Vision Centre of Delaware Features Lucky Brand Eyeglass Frames

We are known for our selection which we are proud of and has been an integral part of our success. Constantly paying attention to trends and emerging brands has defined our inventory and its appeal to our customers. Fashion, design, concepts, materials and systems are reflected in the brands we choose to carry both in our eyewear and our sunglasses.

  • Lindberg


    “Lindberg eyewear is made exclusively from the precious metals titanium, 18 carat gold and platinum.” Each frame can provide exclusive individual solutions using the highest level of craftsmanship available. The minimalist design along with each frames light weight feature makes Lindberg ideal for any age or prescription need.  See more Lindberg fashion eyewear.



    TOM FORD creates distinctive eyewear within his lifestyle line of clothing, fragrance, and accessories. Movie maker, designer, leader in lifestyle. Men and women alike, enjoy the luscious luxury of TOM FORD products. Look at the samples on our TOM FORD Eyewear page.

  • Silhouette


    Silhouette is superior technology and maximum precision for optimum quality and has long been a standing part of Vision Centre’s frame collections. As a consistent part of our inventory we are quite comfortable with the technology and craftsmanship. Silhouette offers two materials the high-performance synthetic SPXng and the super-elastic Metaflex Titanium, our staff loves the flexibility the line offers. Especially the limitless design combinations that are available with the Minimal Art Collection. Silhouette also manufactures license brands for Adidas Eyewear.  More information about the Silhouette line of fashion eyewear is available.

  • Kaenon Optical Frames

    KAENON Optical

    Kaenon brings their sunwear style indoors, finally. The colors in these frames, some hand painted in Italy, are simply amazing. Introduced in four lines to start, 401, 402, 601, and 602's. Lightweight, colorful and top quality too. Click through to see details of all four new models on our Kaenon Optical page.

  • Thom Browne uncompromising luxury


    THOM BROWNE creates retro and modern designs that are unique in character, quality and materials. You simply must touch, see, and wear a pair to understand the level of luxury these glasses afford. These are not casual glasses.

  • Barton Perreira


    BARTON PERREIRA has been making a bigger splash on the fashion scene of late. These days they outfit some of the most beautiful women and baddest bad boys who want a classic, timeless look. Dedicated to pure luxury, Barton Perreira's approach to fashion redefines style and elegance.

  • Gold & Wood Paris

    Gold & Wood: Paris

    Vision Centre Optical’s recent addition of GOLD & WOOD compliments our already impressive collection of eyewear. This frame line with its subtle luxury, where the quality and opulence of the materials and workmanship speak for themselves “compliments any wardrobe or look someone might have.”

  • Todd Rogers Eyewear

    Todd Rogers

    Todd Rogers Eyewear provides a reasonably priced, high-quality product with a local connection.  Now available at Vision Centre of Delaware.  Check out their take on the classics on our Todd Rogers Product Page.  

  • John Varvatos Designer eyewear

    John Varvatos

    John Varvatos is re-imagining the American Spirit in fashion. Bold, slightly in your face, and sweeping the nation. You owe it to yourself to take a fresh look at your face, American Style

  • Zero G Eyewear at Vision Centre of Delaware

    Zero G

    California slick, Japan tech, New York bold. Zero G eyewear high-tech, high fashion statement that is at home on the beach, on the town, and anywhere in between.  Quality, balance, strength, and simplicity are the hallmarks of every Zero G design.

  • Pure Design

    Pure Eyewear

    PURE Design. A unique achievement of beauty and simplicity, PURE Eyewear® has no screws, hinges or plastic "mounting plugs" to come loose or break off. Some styles do not have nose pads – another first. We sample the Pure line, a single strand, many shapes, here.

  • Gucci


    The name says it all with the company’s history and ability to reinvent itself, staying contemporary all the while. Is it any wonder why its one of our best sellers, year in and year out? Stop in to see Gucci’s latest creations.

  • Chemistrie 3D, Reader and Sun lenses make


    Chemistrie is a patented magnetic lens system that allows a wearer of prescription eyewear to attach a variety of lenses including sun, reader, and 3-D to their prescription frame utilizing magnets imbedded near the edge of the lens. The Chemistrie technology has rendered clip-on sunglasses obsolete.

  • Bevel Eyewear - strange names for beautiful glasses

    BEVEL Eyewear

    This newcomer to the fashion eyewear scene is the business marriage of an odd couple that produces a line of high fashion frames with color! Subtle, and not so subtle, colors are the hallmark of this line. To see what they can do with design and color, visit the BEVEL page.

  • Italee


    This collection which includes Kazuo Kawasaki, 2.5 Eyephonics, Swissflex, 10 Swissflex and Swissflex Rainbow is extensive but always innovative. Rich with colors, material options and more shapes than you can think of this line can satisfy almost anyone’s conservative or extreme design ideas. Italee has been one of the lines like Lindberg and Silhouette who helped define our core value when it came to frame

  • Paul Frank

    Paul Frank

    “We are all about one thing – fun”. “Combine all that with our brightly colored, mid-century inspired vision and you’ve got Paul Frank Industries.” Two quotes from their website and you pretty much understand their RX and Sunglass collections. One of the best values we carry both in style and price. Try them on and enter a lifestyle brand like no other. Baumvision is the distributor for Paul Frank as well as Modern Amusement another line we carry in limited quantities.

Only The Best

We carry a wide selection of eyewear from the world’s top designers and manufacturers. Selecting your frames with help from one of our experienced opticians is an easy and exciting process. Combine your frame with lenses custom designed for you and experience Vision Centre/Shademakers unrivaled eyewear.

Stop in to see any of our new lens products which include;

  • Transitions XtraActive
  • Drivewear
  • Hoya’s ID Progressive Lenses
    • iD Mystyle
    • iD InStyle
    • iD Lifestyle
  • Hoya iD Single Vision
  • KODAK by Signet Armorlite
    • Kodak Unique
    • Kodak Precise
    • Kodak Concise
    • Kodak Precise Short Progressives

and frame lines from exciting designers such as;

  • Gold & Wood
  • Banana Republic
  • Cole Haan
  • Chrome Hearts
  • Alain Mikli
  • iC Berlin
  • Lafont
  • Seraphin
  • Cazal
  • Balenciaga
  • Bottega Veneta
  • Betsy Johnson


Come in to experience Mid Atlantic’s “High Performance Eyecare Professionals” with the regions best selection of frames, experienced opticians, and board certified contact lens technicians.


As independents we can acquire almost any lens you are presently wearing or would like to wear. We have been observing a number of trends when it comes to lenses, from “Hoyalux iD the world’s first double-surface Integrated design to Trivex a really tough lens material which is safe, light and clear. We provide more in-depth information on our Lenses Page.

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