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The Staff of Vision Centre of Delaware

Our current staff is one of the most experienced in the area. In addition to the four Courtney brothers Glenn, Vaughn, Mark and Lee, many of our staff has previous experience. Training takes place on a frequent basis and associates are consistently educated about new frame lines, current contact lenses and new lens designs. Everyone's ultimate goal is our customers' satisfaction with their eyecare needs.

Selecting eyeglasses or fitting contact lenses, we understand how important vision is to your quality of life. We encourage you to take time selecting your eyewear and if you have a particular optician you would like to see, we are more than happy to schedule an appointment for you. Experience, patience, selection, locations and a relaxing environment all add up to your satisfaction. Let us show you how much we care.


Glenn Courtney describes the core values of Vision Centre of Delaware.

"First is probably passion. The tenacity to provide our customers with the best products and impeccable customer service in the region. This passion for relentless improvement in all aspects of our company, to be clearly superior and to dominate our market drives us to satisfy every need and legitimate desire of our clients.Glenn Courtney

Next is honesty. We will be truthful in all dealings with customers, vendors doctors and associates. They all DESERVE ethical and honest relations with Vision Centre. We view integrity as a necessary asset in our industry.

You know, compassion goes along with our passion. A passion and empathy for our fellow human beings is reflected in our social awareness.

We value time tested quality standards and they are integrated into every step of manufacturing eyewear, contact lens fittings and dispensing. We strive to exceed the national standards to reinforce our brand excellence.

And finally, I would mention capitalism, one of the greatest forces for good in the world that has allowed millions to escape poverty and oppression. We believe in the free exchange of products and services for a justifiable price. The quality of our eye care products and the benefits they provide justify our profit. In fact, we think ours is the best VALUE in the marketplace today. And everyday."

Personal Service Appointments

Many of our current customers develop friendships with our experienced opticians or trust a particular employee for their eyecare needs. If you would like to schedule an appointment with any of our staff, please go to our "contact us" page and email or call their location to schedule your appointment. We encourage communication between our clients and our staff which we believe ultimately leads to your total satisfaction.

 Vision Centre Optical BBB Business Review

Vision Centre of Delaware is a proud contributor and supporter of SHARED VISION, a non-profit organization devoted to the restoration of sight for those with limited access to vision care or who otherwise cannot afford it.

Shared Vision, finding frames and lenses to match community need

Last year, Vision Centre donated over $10,000 worth of frames to Shared Vision to help improve their clients lives.

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