Transitions Vantage

Vantage, A High-Technology Breakthrough in Variable Tint, Variable Polarization Lenses

Transitions Vantage variable polarization innovation

The newest addition to the Transitions family of products are everyday adaptive lenses designed to darken and polarize when exposed to UV rays.  These lenses provide superior vision in high light, high glare situations.  They are also crystal clear indoors.  These are your new everyday lenses.  High-technology materials research has yielded results that are almost indistinguishable from magic.

Until now, polarization was fixed and only existed as a static film embedded in conventional lenses. Variable polarization technology is a leap into the future – polarization that adapts to changing lighting conditions for clearer, crisper, sharper vision in a variety of outdoor lighting conditions. Combined with photochromic technologies also pioneered by Transitions Optical, you have the first everyday lenses that both darken and polarize outdoors!

Click on the images below to see how the various Transitions lenses cut glare.

Transitions Vantage, a new everyday lensTransitions Vantage cuts through glareTransitions Vantage and other Transitions LensesTransitions Vantage, a new everyday lens

Polarization efficiency indicates how well a lens transmits vertical light relative to how well it blocks reflected horizontal light.  The polarization efficiency of Transitions Vantage lenses varies from 0% to 89% depending upon the amount of UV light and temperature.  Thus, they are not a replacement for adequate sunwear that should block 100% of UV radiation.  For more on the dangers of UV radiation, please see our UV Index page.  These are your new everyday lenses. 

Vision Centre of Delaware can take care of your sunglasses needs as well.  Need matching frames for your sun and everyday eyewear?  No problem, we can do that.  Want to go a bit wild with your sunglass frame selection?  We can do that too.  The Transition Vantage lens will not darken behind a windshield.  This is yet another reason to keep your sunglasses on hand.  The Vantage lens is perfectly suited to driving in less than bright light, as usual.

All Transitions lenses darken to adapt to changing conditions.  Vantage lenses contol glare best since the polarization is variable as well as the tint.  Click on the images below to see how low-light (clear), medium light (slightly dark) and high light with glare (high tint, high polarization) conditions are easily handled. 

Vantage lenses are clear in low light conditionsVantage lenses darken outdoors in high light conditionsVantage lenses darken and polarize in high-light, high-glare

Transitions Vantage lenses are indeed the next first from the innovators at Transitions Optical.  High technology lenses, in high fashion frames are our specialty.  Please come in and see these marvels of science at Vision Center of Delaware stores.  We look forward to showing you how well you can see, and look good doing it.

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