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Pure Eyewear P301 in Gold Finish Pure Design Pure Eyewear P709
Pure Eyewear P301 in Gold Finish Pure Eyewear P709 in Gold Finish

PURE Design. A unique achievement of beauty and simplicity, PURE Eyewear® has no screws, hinges or plastic "mounting plugs" to come loose or break off. Some styles do not have nose pads – another first.

PURE Innovation. Made from a single strand of Xanadium ™ wire, a high-performance alloy that is threaded through the lenses.

PURE Comfort. PURE is extremely lightweight. It is the world's thinnest, most comfortable eyewear.

PURE Vision. The unique design of PURE Eyewear ® allows for improved visibility, with no clunky hardware on the lenses to interfere with peripheral vision.

For more from Ira Lerner check out this short interview with Pure's ace optical designer and inventor.

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