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Persol 714, an icon

Introduced in the 1960s, the Persol 714 was a folding adaptation of the famous 649 and was perhaps the first-ever collapsable pair of glasses. Designed for comfort and convenience, the 714 requires ten additional working steps compared to the production of other Persol models including. The 714 was made famous by Steve McQueen who wore them in "The Thomas Crown Affair" and are still today among the most popular and fashionable of sunglasses.


Persol Suprema

Shown is the Suprema with acetate frames in "Havana" with photo-polarized green internal anti-glare treatment lenses.  For those in the know.

Persol has been committed to making the best possible product since the 1960's. Their commitment to excellence can be seen in the careful choice of materials and the complexity and precision of the manufacturing process.

The entire manufacturing process still takes place in the historic Lauriano factory where many of the steps of production still involve handcrafting. They can therefore combine technological solutions with a rich tradition of craftsmanship to create glasses of the highest quality. The average length of time needed to produce a Persol frame is almost double that of simple acetate frames.

In their plastic frames, natural materials such as acetate, derived from cotton flowers, are used.  The cotton is treated to take the form of a perfectly uniform mass. The end product maintains cotton’s natural properties – allergy free, warm to touch and pleasant on the skin for optimum comfort.  

Using natural materials also allow them to create color variations that can only be found in Persol products. Persol posses countless patents and trademarks.

From the various types of Arrows and hinges to the Meflecto system, the different types of lenses to the Victor Flex bridge, Persol glasses are designed and manufactured to be unique. 

The Persol Arrow

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