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Maui Jim, Welcome to Color

Maui Jim protects the eyes of all outdoorsmen and outdoorswomenMaui Jim PolarizedPlus Lens TechnologyMaui Jim PolarizedPlus2 Lens Technology practically eliminates glare and damaging UV rays.  The colors of life look richer, bolder and crisper.  Belive it because we see the colors of Hawaii every day and the technology is patented.  We know light.

You haven't really seen the world until you see through Maui Jim

For outdoor fitness in bright, direct sunlight, chose a neutral grey lens that provides the highest available light reduction, rich color and contrast.

For variable sunlight and overcast situations we suggest HCL Bronze or Maui Rose colors.  High contrast with a subtle bronze or rose hue.

In low light conditions you still need to protect your eyes from UV damage.  Low light contrast is enhanced by the Maui HT lens.

The MauiEvolution lens material fuses the best properties of SuperThin glass and polycarbonate for a scratch- and impact-resistant lens with high-performance optics.

Maui Jim protects the eyes of famous golfers like Katherine Hull (She's Australian too!).  And what does Katherine wear on tour?  She wears Kula because "These glasses have great coverage. I like to block out all glare so I can see the ball better and really concentrate. They wrap comfortably around my face. I love the Maui HT lenses for darker days because they brighten everything up.”
Maui Jim Kula's protect Katherine Hull's eyes.
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