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Let's Get Real About Eye Injury

The results of a 2001 study by Prevent Blindness America show over 38,000 people experienced a sports related eye injury and needed emergency room treatment and, in some cases, even further attention. Some of the highest rates of eye injuries occur in children between the ages of 5 to 14. It’s also important to remember that even if an eye injury seems to be minor it may be serious. Loss of vision, severe pain or tenderness and cuts around the eye require immediate medical attention.

And Prevention

Liberty Sport Glasses Protect your Childs Vision  Liberty Sport is the premier provider of sports eyewear for children and young adults.  For over 30 years Liberty Sport has been at the forefront of a national movement encompassing health professionals, educators and the private sector to prevent eye injuries in sports and recreational activities.

In 2000, in response to the changing optical market, Liberty Sport sold its ophthalmic frames division to concentrate solely on the prescription sports market – designing and distributing protective sports and sun performance eyewear.

All of the Liberty Sports frames and goggles meet or exceed ASTM F803 standards for basketball, tennis, racquetball, handball, paddleball, soccer and squash.  The Slam, Maxx 20 and Maxx 20 Baseball models do the same for baseball.  Cycling, scuba, swimming and riding motorcycles require even more specialized protection, and we have it.

And These Are Some Cool Items Too !

Check out the MAXX 20 for youth baseball :

Rec Specs Maxx 20 for Youth Baseball

Or the Slam for tennis:

F8 Slam for tennis

How cool is this?  A prescription lense in a a swimming goggle?

  Shark swim goggle in Blue

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