Lenses and Coatings

Vision Centre offers high tech lenses and coatings

Lens technology and innovation is changing our industry and your vision options at an astounding pace.  Many in the industry simply cannot keep up with the pace of change.  At Delaware Vision Centre we work with some of the most technically advanced companies in the business.  Let us show you the clear difference between inferior lenses and the modern high-tech marvels we sell.  Free form technology enables progressive lenses in even the most fashionable frames. 

We offer a complete line of lens coatings as well.  They can help reduce glare, limit light, protect the lens and your vision.  We even have coatings that make the lenses easier to clean!

  • Pheonix


    Hoya’s brand name for Trivex is great for any demographic and is available in many lens designs from single vision, bifocals to progressives, safe as in “exceeding FDA impact guidelines” and “Blocks 100% of UV rays”, tough meaning “twice the scratch resistance of standard polycarbonate lenses” and the “lightest” lens material on the market today.” Clearly this lens product is great for many 3 piece mounts (Rimless), children or anyone wanting clear light durable lenses. In the near future a higher index lens material will be available meaning thinner and still all these standard benefits. This material has a great future.

  • Transitions Vantage, a new everyday lens

    Vantage by Transitions

    The newest breakthrough in photochromic lenses is Vantage by Transitions. These lenses are not simply a layer of fixed polarized film in a lens. This is a first. Auto-tinting, auto-polarizing material is embedded in the lens. High-technology, innovative materials and top quality mark Transitions premium products. To see more about this new lens material, click through to the Vantage page.

  • HoyaLux iD

    HoyaLux iD

    HoyaLux iD promotes “Sharp, Natural Vision without limitations” these progressive addition lenses represent a technological advancement. Eliminating the swimming and swaying sensations associated with typical progressive lenses. This “perfect interaction between near and far” is only available with indexes of 1.67 and 1.70 both are coated with “Super HiVision” anti reflective coating (reduces glare and unsurpassed smudge and scratch resistance).” Our client satisfaction has been outstanding with this product and word is spreading. More about our outstanding HOYA lens technology.

  • Drivewear


    "Fit the way you drive and live.” “I wear a pair almost everyday and love them. They satisfy my visual needs for about 80% of my daytime needs. These polarized lenses with Transitions tm photochromic technology are great for overcast days and driving in bright or outdoor sunlight conditions. The other 20% I mentioned earlier would be for a dark brown or grey polarized sunglass with backside Anti Reflective coating I wear when I’m on the beach, fishing, etc. for more than an hour giving me great comfort and the protection I need. More information about DriveWear Lenses on our Drivewear information page.

  • Transitions

    Transitions ™ VI and XtraActive

    Transition VI is another advancement in Transitions' long line of coatings striving for photochromic perfection. Transitions XtraActive lenses stay darker in all lights than Transition VI lenses.  They are perfect for those who work outside and are infrequently indoors whereas the Transition VI lens is perfect for folks who spend most of the day indoors and are infrequently outdoors. The slogan "Healthy Sight in Every Light"™ is certainly true for these UV 400 protective coatings that "improves vision quality in all lighting conditions".  See which one you prefer at Vision Centre today.

  • Kodak Lens Products

    KODAK ™

    For generations, people have trusted the Kodak name for quality, reliability, and innovation. These characteristics have been and continue to be integrated into every KODAK Lens. From KODAK Single Vision and Bifocal Lenses to KODAK Unique, Concise™ and Precise™ Progressives, we offer solutions for even the most difficult to fill prescriptions.

  • Shamir Eye-Point Technology

    SHAMIR ™

    Offering the most advanced technological lens solution available to the marketplace at any given time. Shamir Optical Industry's patented technological breakthrough, Eye-Point Technology™ is a radical departure from conventional eyeglass lens analysis tools. Ensuring an accurate design and analysis, it enables the development and manufacturing of sophisticated, tailor-made progressive lenses.

  • Chemistrie 3D, Reader and Sun lenses make


    Chemistrie is a patented magnetic lens system that allows a wearer of prescription eyewear to attach a variety of lenses including sun, reader, and 3-D to their prescription frame utilizing magnets imbedded near the edge of the lens. The Chemistrie technology has rendered clip-on sunglasses obsolete.


As independents we can acquire almost any lens you are presently wearing or would like to wear. We have been observing a number of trends when it comes to lenses, from “Hoyalux iD the world’s first double-surface Integrated design to Trivex a really tough lens material which is safe, light and clear. We will stay on top of developments, training and usage so you always benefit from the most advanced technology available.


Lens treatments now reach into the realm of luxury. We offer protective treatments that can make your glasses easier to cleaan, repel water and grease, control condensation and fogging, attract less dirt, and stay cleaner longer. Imagine that. No need to imagine any longer, come on in and see the most advanced vision systems available on earth.


  • Tinted lenses can’t protect you from glare off reflective surfaces, or even sunlight glinting through a windshield. Only polarized lenses eliminate excessive reflected light before it can reach your eye.
  • When your lenses reflect light, it comes between you and the people around you. Anti-reflective lenses reduce glare and halos around lights, and give others a clear view of your eyes in any light. Today's rimless frames demand anti-reflective coatings.
  • Scratch resistant treatments are self explanatory. Just think of all the ways we abuse our glasses, from throwing them in the glove box to routing cleaning with harsh paper towels, then think about investing in a scratch resistant coating.
  • Every time you go outside your eyes must instantly adjust to the brighter light. Photochromic lenses automatically dim when you step outside, and constantly adjust to the natural light of the day. These adaptive lenses are available in a variety of colors and shades.


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