KAENON Optical Collection

Kaenon Optical Frames

KAENON continues the Coastal California Esthetic Indoors

Technically excellent, lightweight, comfortable.  Stylish, colorful, hand-painted and Italian-made.  KAENON, of course.  Take your vibe indoors!

Kaenon prescription eyewear is being introduced in four styles with many colors.  These colors are stunning!  Check out the new 401, 402, 601 and 602.


Kaenon Optical 401 BlackberryKaenon Optical 401 LavenderKaenon Optical 401 Pacific OceanKaenon Optical 401 Tortoise


Kaenon Optical 402 LavenderKaenon Optical 402 Navy402 Kaenon Optical 402 Tobacco DenimKaenon Optical 402 Tortoise


Kaenon Optical 601 Brown OliveKaenon Optical 601 Matte BlackKaenon Optical 601 Steele GreyKaenon Optical 601 Tortoise


Kaenon Optical 602 Brown OliveKaenon Optical 602 Denim WashKaenon Optical 602 LavenderKaenon Optical 602 Matte Black

All of these frames are unmistakably Kaenon.  Designed in California, Made in Italy, Swiss-made frame material.  And, they are available for men, women and youth.  Come on in and see the entire line.  For a look at the Kaenon sunwear line, click on over to our Kaenon Sunglasses page.

Kaenon style comes inside

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