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Hoya is the leader in high-tech lens materials.

To help you decide what lens material, coating and style is best for you, Hoya presents ChooseMyLens.com.  You input some information about what you do and where you do it (your lifestyle) and the website will provide you with the best fit in lens technology.  Give it a try and see why Hoya is one of the tools we selected to help satisfy our best customer, you!

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Hoya Advanced Lens Materials Provided by Vision Centre of Delaware

Hoya Innovative Material Technology

  • Lenses scientifically formulated to be forgotten

    Phoenix is the lightest lens material in the world. It also meets high impact standards for industrial safety eyewear, and features built-in 100% UV protection. Phoenix lenses are so light they almost float on water. With a specific gravity of 1.1 grams per cubic centimeter, the Phoenix material is 19% lighter than standard plastic and up to 8% lighter than polycarbonate. The Phoenix material also has superior tensile strength, which is ideal for drill-mount frames, and Phoenix is 6 times stronger than standard plastic. Phoenix provides superior safety for the wearer, with impact resistance far exceeding FDA standards. It is 60 times more impact resistant than standard plastic lenses, and includes 100% protection against UV-A and UV-B rays.
  • Lenses that also improve how others see you

    The better your lens material is designed, the less your eyes appear magnified. The 1.70 material is HOYA’s thinnest lens composite, formulated specifically to improve the wearer’s personal appearance and comfort. It’s an ideal material for rimless mounting frames.
  • A standard lens can still be superior

    Hoya has completely re-engineered the properties of the 1.67 material, revolutionizing this category of high index composites. The result is a lens that is thinner, more elastic, stronger and more optically pure than any other 1.67 material in existence.
  • Even minor corrections need a solid foundation

    The HOYA 1.60 lens material offers a thin yet durable option for lower prescriptions, while still providing a high level definition.
  • Lenses best known for their protection

    Polycarbonate provides maximum impact resistance, making it the material of choice for protective headgear and even windows on jet airlines. With 60 times more impact resistance than standard plastic, polycarbonate lenses are ideal for children, sports enthusiasts and industrial applications.


Hoya Innovative Lens Coating and Treatment Technology

Hoya Innovative Lens Coating Technology

  • Banish the glare from the great outdoors

    Tinted lenses can’t protect you from glare off water surfaces and snow, or even sunlight glinting through a windshield. Only polarized lenses eliminate reflected light before it can reach your eyes. HOYA polarizing lenses not only provide 100% UV absorption, they’re also remarkably scratch resistant. We incorporate polarizing properties in a natural gray for the optimal color contrast and enhancement, and HOYA polarizing single vision and progressive lens designs are both available in our standard plastic or our thinner, more lightweight lens materials.
  • The best lenses are the ones nobody notices

    When your lenses reflect light, it comes between you and the people around you. Anti-reflective lenses reduce glare and halos around lights, and give others a clear view of your eyes in any light. HOYA’s anti-reflective technologies produce the least light reflection, the greatest light transmission, and most scratch resistance of any anti-reflective treatment in the world. Our proprietary Substrate Matching Properties process formulates each treatment to match the lens material’s unique chemistry, which even produces less residual color on the lens.
  • An investment in your vision is worth protecting

    Glasses get dropped on the floor. They get cleaned with paper towels. They get mistreated any number of ways. Fortunately, your lenses can endure the constant wear and tear with the proper treatment. All HOYA lens materials include a scratch resistant treatment to improve the durability and prolong the life of your lenses.
  • Automatically reduce light as the world grows bright

    Every time you go outside it puts a strain on your eyes, because they’re forced to instantly adjust to brighter light. Photochromic lenses automatically dim when you step outside, and constantly adjust to the natural light of the day. HOYA lenses are available in Transitions®, the world leader in advanced photochromic technology. We offer a complete selection of photochromic lens materials, colors and HOYA lens designs.
  • You can stop cleaning your lenses now

    Water repellent, grease repellent, dust and dirt repellent, the View Protect treatment gives you the lowest maintenance lenses you can own. The View Protect treatment makes cleaning AR lenses a rare yet simple task. They won’t smudge. They repel moisture, grease, dust and dirt. They even reduce condensation as the temperature changes.
    •Easy to clean
    •Water and grease-repellent
    •Condensation control
    •Attracts less dust and dirt
    •Stays cleaner longer
    •Anti-reflective treatment

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