Gucci Celebrates 21st Century Values

21st Century Values Demonstrated by Gucci

Gucci - Eye want you
For almost 90 years Gucci has focused on exclusivity, quality, fashion authority and Italian craftsmanship. In their second century, the Gucci Florentine design house continues to demonstrate innovative design and a sophistication that sets the trend.

Gucci Guilty

Gucci - A guilty pleasure that you can feel good about.

Gucci, A History of Fashion

Gucci fashions are always in style.  Now they are expressing the Gucci philosophy with respect to caring for the environment as well.  They have launched a worldwide eco-friendly program to reduce its impact on the environment.  Having been around for almost 90 years, they know a thing or two about sustainability.

Vision Centre and Shademakers Eyewear are proud to carry Gucci products.  Their style is as enduring as their brand.

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