Drivewear Optimized for the Driving Task


"Drivewear is the only lens developed to specifically address the Driving Task. Polarized at all times and designed to shift between a lighter and darker color as visual conditions change, it is the ultimate in driving eyewear."

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Glare interferes with visibility!
The quick video above of the car driving through the forest shows a situation familiar to every driver. The windshield literally fills up with blinding glare as light is reflected off the dashboard. At moments like these the danger of an accident is the highest.  Many sunglasses will perform fine in low light conditions.  Some will perform well behind the windshield of a car.  And most will do just fine outside on a sunny day.  The trick is in transition.  Your high performance eyewear flexible enough to handle all three, AND smart enough to adapt to each situation quickly.

The DriveWear website contains information about the evolution of DriveWear lens technology, what types of light influence the driving task and more on the transitions necessary to provide the driver with the best information available while performing.  After you have researched the best in visibility for driving, come in to Vision Centre Delaware to test drive a pair of DriveWear lenses for yourself.

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