Chemistrie from eyenovate

CHEMISTRIE™ from eyenovate© uses the term "Clip-On" sunglasses only to give you an idea of what this exciting new product REPLACES.  These are not your father's clip-ons!  CHEMISTRIE™ is a new way of layering lenses to add sun protection with a durable, polarized sunlens that attaches to your regular prescription eyewear with magnetic implants.  Yes, you read that right, magnetic implants.  No more bulky, awkward flip up or "overall" sunglasses.  Take a look at parts of some images from the CHEMISTRIE website:

Attaching CHEMISTRIE magnetic lens layersCHEMISTRIE magnetic lens layers mounted

It is quite astonishing how seamlessly this new product fits with almost any of your existing eyewear.


This is a brand new product so we know you have questions. The most frequently asked question regarding CHIMISTRIE™ eyewear has to do with how visible the magnets are. CHEMISTRIE™ put the magnets in the left and right peripheral field of the left and right lens—often referred to as your “blind spot.” Generally speaking, the magnets will not interfere with your primary field of vision or visual acuity. The magnets, (a mere 2mm each) are strategically created to be the same size and distance as the nosepad arm; most people do not see the nosepad arm of the eyewear. Even in instances in which lens wearers notice the magnets, the eyes adjust quickly and tend to overlook them—almost always within three weeks, and quite frequently in as little as a few days to one week.

The stylish Chemistrie™ clip-on sunwear on todays high-fashion rimless Lindberg frames:

Chemistrie on Lindberg

Ask us about Chemistrie 3-D lenses for viewing passive 3D movies and readers in a variety of magnifications.

So come on in and see the latest in high-tech, fashion eyewear at Vision Centre Delaware.

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